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Link Building expertise reflected in noticeable google results in under three weeks - interested?

We specialise in UK link building strategies that succeed in pushing our clients up through the Google Rankings to the first page. We appreciate that as many other SEOs make similar claims we will offer all new clients a link trial to see for themselves the improvements.

Our core strategy centres around attraction rather than promotion. A practice that is often crudely referred to as "Link Baiting" is the creative procedure of creating a website / page that has something of value or interest, that users / webmasters etc will WANT to add a link to.

Viral marketing or digital word of mouth marketing is much talked about but practically impossible to replicate. You Tube has a number of "amateur videos" which for some reason catch the collective eye and "go viral". Numerous advertising companies try to emulate this type or "hype for free" charging large fees in the process but I can imagine most fail.

Returns can be quickly achieved through our own system, Gates 360.

Whilst link baiting is a more long term strategy, short term returns can be quickly achieved through our own system called Gates 360. This is a white hat linking (human) based system that does exactly what is says on the tin.

"If your website is relevant then we will link to it, If it is off subject, but has value or interest then we will link to it. If it of no interest then we will pass the url on to the next webmaster to evaluate. There are no reciprocal links and no payments, just the silent workings of an ethical internet....."

Whatever short or long term strategy we adopted to solve your company's link building solution you can rest assured that the number of new links to your website is being monitored by us and the improved evidence forwarded to you so that we can achieve clarity.

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"At the beginning of our project, Benedict made us fully aware of the SEO costs and timescales.. He has consistently kept to the exact figure quoted and has exceed his number of hours. The results are excellent"
Mr J Dowling


Advanced SEO

All of the SEO techniques that will be employed by VC during the project have been researched, tried and tested, and comply with Google Webmaster Guidelines. Unpaid search only

All changes recommended to a site will have no negative impact on the user experience, however we are aware that not all SEO ideas are attractive commercially. Furthermore, there will be no requirement to unravel work carried out.



Proven track record

As we do not control Google, it is not possible to predict the precise effects of SEO, however similar campaigns for other UK Business websites have produced dramatic results, including numerous cases where target keywords have reached a high position in Google from positions outside the top 100.

Benedict are uniquely placed to advise UK businesses on SEO due to the 10 years of experience and the wealth of information owning 3000 websites offers.


Find out more on how Benedict can help your achieve its online growth target, telephone 020 8405 6418 or email Benedict here



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