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One of the major contributing factors to Benedict's success is research - Before commencing a strategy, we research the strength and weaknesses of a website

Micro Universal Research for all clients would include reviewing the following in detail. Click here to read about Benedict's latest research project.

  • Diagnostic site analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Market Overview

Before commencing a strategy, VC research the strength and weaknesses of a client's site. This would include reviewing the following in detail:

  • content
  • internal links
  • external links
  • site structure

We would also research externally and look at the available data for the client's market online. This can include search data from Google, plus VC's own data and competitor analysis.

In the past we have followed an action plan that is similar to the implementation work proposed, with some parts accelerated and some parts reduced, dependent on analytic data month in month out.  This has proved highly effective.

Benedict have a nothing is wrong or right approach and even ideas that fail can offer more information on how to get ideas to succeed.

The driver behind research is to form a strategy or plan, together with clients to be able to increase the site's traffic from unpaid search.

We believe in research, prove that something is wrong or something is right, do not tell me. All ideas are relevant and all keywords appropriate. If we test and prove there is not traffic from a certain keyword we will tell you and move on.

How do we research?

Everyone who works with Benedict (all eight) has the majority of every Friday to research some aspect of organic search that interest them. Whilst not every research project this commercial nor useful, research plays a very important part of formulating the exact content of the SEO services we offer our clients. Whilst we do not see ourselves as scientists, we do see ourselves as organic search engineers.

At four o'clock every Friday all members of staff present the project they are working on. Whilst it is not exactly Google's 20% do your own thing time, it is an important and enjoyable part of the working week. Some of the more senior members of staff have developed a number of breakthroughs that have revolutionized our SEO techniques and has helped take this website along with many others to the very top of Google.

Our research is not looking for tricks. We respect Google. We know the Googlebot is just trying to be human. We ask our own clients that if you want to work with organic search, then you have to play by the rules. We our not talking about black hat SEO, white hat techniques or ethical SEO methods, we are talking about presenting the most up-to-date, intriguing, searchable and findable information presented in a user-friendly environment that our clients can produce.

At Benedict you are only restricted by your imagination


Whilst most SEO company's use an SEO formula that was written by people unknowns which offer an array of SEO trickery" in fooling Google into thinking that 'their' website is the right site to rank in a high Google position Benedict seek to discover the right means to obtain SEO success through testing, measuring and reporting on successful techniques.

Trickery such as adding meta data, keyword density etc have been added to by the common belief that the right back links is the key to SEO success. Interpretation of Google's webmaster guide commonly requires a mass of either articles written for the site or for news / blogs to be added. We have researched this and found that common SEO beliefs are heavily flawed.

SEO Industry research


Benedict undertook a review of the top 80 SEO companies and asked them to provide a proposal for an SEO project. The proposals differed only in price and credibility, the detail and execution of the campaign were more or less identical. We asked all of the companies on receipt of their proposal, how do you know that this is correct? Why are you suggesting xyz link building and abc article writing. Do you have proof?

Is there any proof?


The answers were only unique in their blandness, "we have always done it this way," "this is what we have read on Matt Cutt's blog," Matt Cutts is a remarkable engineer and is a part of Google folklore and whilst his opinion is valid it is not law after all his major claim to fame is to remove adult images appearing in Google's image search and to be known as "porn cookie guy."

Research into Google


Off line study

At Benedict we have read every book published on Google, to begin to get into the heads of Sergey Brin and Larry Page. We have studies the culture and the methods behind the madness of Google. We have begun to predict changes that Google are introducing before Google implement them. How, because we understand what they are working towards.

Research into Search Engine Optimisation

if you Google what factors on a web page would you see as important. Would it be the meta data, what SEO Cor companies don't stuff their meta keywords tag with every keyword they can think of, how accurate or conclusive would that be have the core ranking metric. At Benedict we abandoned meta keywords over three years ago. And a simple proof that this is not a deciding search engine optimisation factor, you found this website, and there isn't a meta keyword tag.

But on to more important research how exactly does Benedict identify which of the quarter search engine optimisation techniques. We catalogue can report on every change we make to the client site. This assists is moving forward, but if you apply multiple SEO techniques and a website improves in the SERPs (search engine results page) which one actually made the difference?

What has happened in the SEO industry is that a number of SEO techniques are important and when utilised correctly can result in Google page ranking improvements however what is not clear is which techniques are outdated and outmoded and probably have been removed from Google's algorithm and which methods have a greater weight and effect than others.


Spider and bots

We have create spiders that imitate the Googlebot. When other SEO's claim you cannot do this and you cannot do that, and Google will remember, we question this. Our bots work in a similar way tot the Googlebot. They capture information and try to rank these sites in a semblance of order. They are not as complex as the Googlebot and their metrics are fewer.

However, our data centre servers that house our own bots have 1000's of terabytes of data. We have to erase vast quantities of data weekly or these five high spec servers will simply grind to a halt.. Whilst Google has huge number of data farms it is impossible for them to store all data. From studying how our own bots work and drawing up a wish list of how we would like them to work, we begin to understand Google's goals.

One of the first conclusion we came to is that the Googlebot is merely trying to be human. It is a computer driven bot with a huge number of rules (or algorithms) that state if x=y then rank this site x. This was ground breaking for us as we had always believed that true search engine optimisation can be gained by naturally writing on topic. Being expert on a topic and knowing your subject inside out will lead to a natural optimisation that billions of dollars of research are going into Google algorithms to spot.

An excellent example is Whythink

In December 2008 Mr Sykes was testing if there was any relation between a high Google page ranking and traffic. He created a 250,000 page site listing every .uk domain he could find, believing that just as every one googles themselves they will also Google their website.

The result was 189,000 unique visitors monthly. The SEO improvement, from large numbers of visitors was NIL and proves only the lengths we go to disprove an SEO myth.

However Mr Sykes is a domain broker in his spare time and wrote a piece on domain broking in Jan 2009. This page is written by an expert on a subject close to his heart. The web page two years later, with no changes or amendments still rank #4 for domain broker or 4 / 45,000,000

1000s of test websites

Benedict has further created a network of 1871 websites hosted in six different countries on countless IP addresses. We use this network of site which are on every conceivable subject to trial our SEO ideas.

We have tested link building on theme, off theme, we have test throwing 100s of articles at a site and none on others and have gleaned a unique insight into Google and current search engine optimisation techniques.

Our research is not published as it is our own unique intellectual property. We do not blog or visit forums or argue SEO with anyone. We offer our clients our findings, our interpretation of correct optimisation, our interpretation of link building, content writing.

The results speak for themselves. When asked why we implement an SEO change or a procedure we answer because we have tested it over six months and these are the results, not that we read it somewhere.

For the clients it means a greater chance to enjoy additional traffic from organic search.

"At the beginning of our project, Benedict made us fully aware of the SEO costs and timescales.. He has consistently kept to the exact figure quoted and has exceed his number of hours. The results are excellent"
Mr J Dowling


Advanced SEO

All of the SEO techniques that will be employed by VC during the project have been researched, tried and tested, and comply with Google Webmaster Guidelines. Unpaid search only

All changes recommended to a site will have no negative impact on the user experience, however we are aware that not all SEO ideas are attractive commercially. Furthermore, there will be no requirement to unravel work carried out.



Proven track record

As we do not control Google, it is not possible to predict the precise effects of SEO, however similar campaigns for other UK Business websites have produced dramatic results, including numerous cases where target keywords have reached a high position in Google from positions outside the top 100.

Benedict are uniquely placed to advise UK businesses on SEO due to the 10 years of experience and the wealth of information owning 3000 websites offers.


Find out more on how Benedict can help your achieve its online growth target, telephone 020 8405 6418 or email Benedict here



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